Arulmigu Koniamman Temple, Coimbatore

This temple is situated in the heart of the Coimbatore Town, in the Big Bazaar Street.The Navagrahas with their consorts grace from the right side of the deity. Behind the deity is Adhi Koniamman and the shrines of Panchamuka Vinayaka, Lord Muruga with His consorts Valli and Deivanai.The faith of the people in the city is that Mother Koniamman helps Her devotees in sweet conclusion of marriage proposals, they will get a child, diseases will be cured and ensure business development.Of the three important temples of the city, Koni Amman temple is one. Mother Koniamman graces the devotees as one of the forms of Mother Parasakthi. She holds trident, Udukkai, sword, conch, scull, fire, discus, bell in Her eight hands. On the right ear she has the ear ring and a hanging ear ring on the left ear, called kundalam.There are Neem, Vilwa, Nagalingam and Arasamaram as holy trees in the temple. This is the only temple Oonjal festival is celebrated during the 30 days of Aadi month – July-August. Every one in the city offers the first pooja for any auspicious functions in their houses as a mark of obtaining Her permission to proceed on. Car festival is celebrated only in this temple.

In the past Tamilnadu was divided, Cheranadu, Cholanadu, Pandiya nadu, Kongunadu & Thondai nadu. Today’s Coimbatore District, Nilagiris District, Erode District, Salem District, Karur District and Palani Taluk was called Kongu nadu. The city of coimbatore which is proudly named as the"Manchester of South" India has its cultural and religious heritage. The word Kongu nadu itself denotes the composition of temples in the region. Koniamman temple and Dhandumariamman temple are considered as two eyes of the city coimbatore. The history of the temple and deity dates back to 13th century A.C.

Pooja Timing

Pooja Details
1 Kalasanthi Pooja 08:00 A.M
2 Utchikaalam 12.00 P.M
3 Saayaratchai 07.00 P.M
4 Arthajaamam 08.30 P.M

Temple Opening Time

Morning :   06.00 AM To 11.30 P.M

Evening :   04.00 PM To 09.00 P.M

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