Arulmigu VanaBadrakaliamman Temple, Mettupalayam

Sri VanaBadrakaliamman Temple is situated amidst Mettupalayam to Thekkampatti road route. It is just 5 kilometers away from Mettupalayam, which falls under Coimbatore District in Kongu Nadu.The temple is situated in such a beautiful atmosphere comprising of clean and huge land area with greeneries, mountain landscapes, nature’s beauty along with lingering of birds and blossoming of flowers on the banks of River Bhavani.River Bhavani’s old name seems to be “Vani” and also called as “PooVani”. Nellimalai with full of greens is located adjacent to the temple along with Nellithurai village. The deity “ Devi Badrakali” of this temple purifies her devotees and has been bestowing their wishes and prayers.

It is said that Aravalli, Sooravalli, Veeravalli along with their 7 Sisters ruled this area long back. They belonged to Reddy Community and were experts in Witchcraft. They were very powerful and were not conquered by any other rulers in that region. Many of them died in the war against these Sisters and some of them were taken as prisoners. The Pandavas and Dhuriyodhanas belong to this Era and were ruling in their own areas.It was sometime earlier to the Bharatha Yudham that Lord Krishna narrated the details of the Aravalli Sisters, their valor and witchcraft to the Pandavas and requested them to ware war against these Aravalli Sisters. On this, the Bheema (One of the Pandavas) said that he will go and conquer them. He was moving towards this place by crossing so many thick forests. On hearing this news through Naratha, the Aravalli Sisters arranged to defend him by sending Tigers, Bears and Boars by using their witchcraft. But, Bheema beat them with his Thandayutham.

Pooja Timing

Pooja Details
1 Kalasandi Poojai 06.00 A.M
2 Ucchi Kala Poojai 12:00 A.M
3 Saayarakshai 06:00 P.M
4 Arthajamam Poojai 08.00 P.M

Temple Opening Time

Morning :   05.30 AM To 12.00 P.M

Evening :   04.30 PM To 08.30 P.M

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