Arulmigu Jaya Anjaneya Swami Temple, Lalpet, Karur

The temple of Lord Anjaneya at Lalapet has an interesting backdrop. There was temple of Sri Varadharaja perumal in this village. It was visited by devotees from far and near. However people decided to relocate the temple to another village called as Kallawpallee. While they could successfully shift the entire temple, its 'dwajastamba' refused to budge. So in order to dislodge it, the villagers started digging it. This is when a miracle occurred. A red colored liquid started oozing out of the earth near the 'dwajastamba'.One of village elders was given the divine guidance by Sri Anjaneya moorthi to construct the temple close to this spot. According a statue of Sri Anjaneya Swami was installed immediately below the 'dwajastamba'. The statue is facing south and goes by the name, 'Sri Jaya Anjaneya'. In the later days, a sannathi was constructed for Sri Anjaneya Swami.

Besides the unique history of the temple, there is a miracle stone that represents the blessing and existence of Lord in this lovely village. The miracle stone is present in this temple and is oval and little flat. It is rumored to have been dropped out of the hands of Sri Anjaneya while carrying the 'marunthu malai' to Sri Lanka. The Bhakthas retain their chastity and bathe in the water drawn from the temple well in the morning. in the damp cloth, the Bhaktha climbs on the miracle stone and keeps both the hands on the ground next to the stone. The Baktha will 'smaran' Lord Sri Anjaneya Swami and request him to fulfill his wish.Now the miracle occurs. The miracle stone begins moving (rotating). If the Bahktha’s desire is to be met by the Lord, the stone moves in the right direction. Otherwise, the stone moves to the left side. Along with the stone, the Bhakta will also have to move in the same direction as the stone without lifting his hand from the ground. If the desire is unjustified, the stone will not rotate. Ekadesi (11th day after new moon or full moon), Thursday, Saturday or Sunday morning time prior to 9 o’clock is considered to be ideal period for this.

Pooja Timing

Pooja Details
1. Kalasanthi Pooja 7:30 AM
2. Abhishekam 9:30 AM
3. Temple Closing Time 11:30 AM
4. Temple Openg Time 04:00 PM
5. Sayarathai Pooja 06:00 PM
6. Arthajama Pooja 09:00 PM

Temple Opening Time

Morning :   07.00 AM To 12.00 P.M

Evening :   04.30 PM To 08.00 P.M

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