Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Temple, Tiruttani

This temple is one among the six Padaiveedu’s of Lord Muruga. ie. the 5th Padaiveedu..Thai Poosam and Panguni Uthiram festivals are very famous festivals and large number of devotees coming here at that time.Tiruttani constitutes one of the six Padai Veedu shrines of Skanda (Lord Subramanya), and it represents the site where Subramanya stayed after destroying the demon Surapadman. Tiruttani is said to be the place where the Lord Subramanya married Valli - one of his two consorts. Thiruthani Thiruthani The other five are; Palani (100 km west of Madurai),Swamimalai (150 km east of Madurai),Tirupparangunram(5 km from Madurai),Pazhamudircholai (10 km north of Madurai) and Thiruchendur (100 km south of Madurai). The story of Lord Muruga and Valli has a great message of philosophy. Every one should walk towards the Almighty for liberation from the cycle of births and deaths. The world we live in is a rented house and what our own is the feet of the Lord. Almost all of us feel that this is ours and are hunting for material wealth and pleasures. Enlightened souls understand this truth and they win illusions and reach the final destination-the feet of the Lord.

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Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Koil,


Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Koil, Tiruttani has many services which is done by temple TEMPLE ADMINISTRATION. They are

  • Annadhana Scheme
  • Daily minimum 300 devotees are eating very tasty meals at 12.15 Noon.Those who are interested to deposit rupees Seventy Five Thousand (Rs.75000) in the temple, One day Annathanam will be provided yearly once from the interest amount of deposit.

  • Free Services
  • Karunai Illam, Library


Besides the monthly Krittikais which attract a large number of devotees to this shrine, the two outstanding annual festivals are the Aadi Krittikai and the 31st of December New Year Step Festival. The float festival is celebrated in the month of Aadi, Bhramotsavam in the month of Maasi, during which Valli Kalyanam is celebrated on the 8th day, and the Skanda Sashti is celebrated in the Tamil month of Aippasi.

  • Aadi Krittikai
  • Step Festival

Pooja Details

Pooja Details Pooja Time
Kala Sandhi Pooja 08.00 AM
Vishvaruba Dharsanam 06.00 AM
Uchala kala Pooja 12.00 PM
Sayaratchai Pooja 05.00 PM
Arthajama Pooja 08.00 PM
Palliarai Pooja 08.45 PM

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