Arulmigu Subramaniyar Swami Kovil, Valliyur

This ancient Murugan temple is located at Valliyur, near Nanguneri, not far from Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari. Valliyoor is located on the Kashi-Kanyakumari highway, it is at 30 milestones from Tirunelveli and 60 kms from Tiruchendur. The Valliyoor Murugan temple is located in close proximity to the Valliyoor railway station. It has been revered by the Tiruppukazh hymns of Arunagirinathar. The presiding deity here is Subramaniyar, and the sanctum enshrines an image of Murugan with that of his consort Valli. The temple has a rock-cut sanctum carved out of a hill and several mandapams surrounding it. There are also shrines to Natarajar and Dakshinamūrti here. The Saravanapoikai tank is located adjacent to the hill. The diamond studded Vel held by Subramaniyar is of great beauty.

Lord Muruga came to Valliyoor immediately after marrying Valli. References are indicated in the Kandapuran. Valli was so much in love with Lord Muruga that she refused to allow Deivanai in her domain. Deivanai was almost in tears and it was only sage Agastya who consoled Deivanai and took her to Valli and explained to her that Deivanai be treated like her sister.As this place belonged to Valli who seems to have had a dominating nature, it is not surprising that women born in Valliyoor are said to be extremely demanding wives after their marriage. They are also extra sensitive. Not a surprise - because it appears Lord Muruga simply pampered Valli. Legend has it that Indra and Agastyar worshipped Subramanyar here. Legend also has it that the Saravanapoikai tank was created when Murugan struck his spear to the ground, upon being requested by his consort. No one has ever returned empty-handed from the Valliyoor Murugan temple. Childless couples have visited Valliyoor, prayed and have come back to pay their respects after their wish was fulfilled by Lord Muruga. Valliyoor Murugan looks at you and says – “Yamirukka Bhayamen” (Why fear when I am here) and that sums up the power of this shrine which is located amidst picturesque Mahendragiri hills. Lord Muruga is someone who rushes to your rescue provided you remember him.

Pooja Timing Pooja Timings
1 Viswaroopa Dharsanam 6.00 A.M
2 Kalasandhi Pooja 9.00 A.M
3 Uchikkalam Pooja 12.00 P.M
4 Thirukkappiduthal in day time 1.00 P.M
5 Sayaratchai Pooja 5.00 P.M
6 Ardha Jama Pooja (Rakkalam) 8.30 P.M

Temple Opening Time

Morning :   05.00 AM To  12.00 PM

Evening :   04.30 PM To  09.00 PM

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