Arulmigu Kallappiraan Temple,Srivaikuntam

The nine vaishnava shrines, hailed as Navatiruppathi are related to the ˜Navagrahaas or the nine planets or celestial bodies, and the deities in these temples are worshipped as the navagrahaas themselves.The Navatiruppathis in the Pandya region are recognized on par with the Navagrahaa temples in the Chola country (Surya “ Thirumangalakkudi, Chandra “ Thingaloor, Angaarakan - Putthirukku Velur, Budha “ Thiruvenkaadu, Guru “ Aalangudi, Sukra “ Kanjanoor, Shani “ Thirunallaar, Raahu“ Thirunageswaram, Ketu “ Keezhperumpallam). In these Vishnu temples, the Prime Deities themselves are worshipped as the Navagrahaas and so there are no separate shrines for the Navagrahaas, as found in other temples. To offer worship to these deities alleviate the malignant influences of the Navagrahaas that come about during one™s lifetime.Generally, in the temples Lord Vishnu is seen reclining on Adisesha. But, in this temple Lord Vishnu is in the standing posture under the umbrella, Adisesha. This is the special significance of this place. Srivaikuntam temple is also called Kailasapuram and has in Nataraja shrine, 8 artistically carved pillars. The most famous is the Kallapiran, the festival deity and presiding deity is called Vaikuntanathar. On the 6th day of Tamil month Chittirai(April), the Sun rays fall on the main deity as a token of worship. The idol is most exquisitely carved with club in hand. Lions, Yalis and elephants are carved in the pillars of the mandapam. The temple served as a fort during the patriotic war of Kattabomman with the British.[3] The temple has a 9-tier rajagopuram amidst lush vegetation around the temple.

Two legends are associated with this temple. Once an asura by the name Somakan appropriated Lord Brahmas Creation-secret and Lord Vishnu retrieved it from the demon. Since the Lord came direct from His abode Vaikuntam and agreed to remain here, this place came to be known as Srivaikuntam. Later, Kaaladhushakan, a robber, conducted his robbery after worshipping Vaikuntanathan, and surrendered to Him, half of what he had plundered. He was a Robinhood of those days, looted the rich and helped the poor. Once his men, while engaged in ransacking the palace were caught by the King soldiers. They had to identify their leader; when Kaladhushakan came to know about it, he prayed to the Lord of Srivaikuntam, to save him. The Lord appeared before the King as Kaaladhushakan, revealed Himself to the King and counseled him to protect dharma. Having had this Beatific Vision, the King requested the Lord to remain in this place as Kallappiraan.

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Arulmigu Kallappiraan Temple


Every Day Annadhanam is being provided to the worshippers at 12.15 noon. Annadhanam Details Amount

One day Annadhanam for 50 persons


Permanent endowment for one day's Annadhanam Scheme
( The Annadhanam will be done on the day of your choice every year )



The Garuda Sevai utsavam(festival) in the month of Vaikasi(May-Jun) witnesses 9 Garudasevai, a spectacular event in which festival image idols from the Nava Tirupathis shrines in the area are brought on Garuda vahana(sacred vehicle). An idol of Nammalvar is also brought here on a Anna Vahanam(palaquin) and his paasurams(verses) dedicated to each of these 9 temples are recited. The utsavar(festival deity) of Nammalvar is taken in a palanquin to each of the 9 temples, through the paddy fields in the area. The paasurams(poems) dedicated to each of the 9 Divyadesams are chanted in the respective shrines. This is the most important of the festivals in this area, and it draws thousands of visitors.



Pooja Details Pooja Name Timing
1. Vishwaroopam Pooja 07.30 A.M
2. Kalasanthi Pooja 09.00 A.M
3. Theertham Viniyogam 10.00 A.M
4. Samba Thalikai 12.00 P.M
5. Sayarachai Pooja 05.00 P.M
6. Thiruvisagam Pooja 08.30 P.M

Temple Opening Time

Morning:06.00 AM To 12.30 PM
Evening:05.00 PM To 08.30 PM

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