Arulmigu Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Srirangam

L ord Sri Ranganatha of the temple appeared from the Milk Ocean. Lord Brahmma was worshipping Him for a long time and appointed Sun to continue the pujas as per vedic rules. Lord Sri Rama, belonging to the Surya (Sun) dynasty was worshipping the Lord then. As a mark of His love and recognition of the services rendered to him by Vibishana during His war against Ravana to rescue Sita, Lord Rama gifted His Ranganatha to Vibishana. While returning to Lanka after Sri Rama’s coronation in Ayodhya, Vibishana placed the idol on the ground for a break during the journey. But Vibishana was shocked that he could not even move the idol when he tried then. He was consoled by the king of the region Dharma Chola. Lord Perumal also expressed His desire to stay on the banks of Cauvery and promised Vibishana that He would be in His reclining form facing Lanka in the south. Darma Chola built the temple later. As this temple went into the sands in the years that followed, this temple was built by Killi Valavan of the Chola dynasty, according to history.

Lord Ranganatha graces in a reclining form as He did on the Milk Ocean. Lord Brahmma is not in the naval chord. It is believed that Lord Brahmma worships the Lord just before sunrise each day. Chandra Theertham that cleanses the devotees of His/her sins is within the temple. Lord grants the Muthangi Sevai darshan to devotees for six days after the Vaikunda Ekadasi festival. This is a very famous event in the temple. A priest of the temple threw a stone on Tiruppanazhwar (one of the 12 Vaishnavite saints) Perumal had it on His bleeding forehead and granted salvation to Azhwar in this temple.Daughter of a king of Delhi was too devoted to the Lord. To remember her, Lord is dressed with Lungi the Muslim dhoti and Roti is offered as nivedhana on Ekadasi and new moon days. Brahmmotsavam is celebrated thrice a year during January-February, February-March and April-May. The temple is believed to have come into being from the milk ocean. This is one of the Swayambu Kshetras with Lord facing south. The vimana of the Lord is covered with gold.

Pooja Timing

Pooja Details
Ko Pooja 05.45 A.M
Kaalasanthi Pooja 08.30 A.M
Annathanam 12.15 A.M
Utchi Kaala Thiruvaradhanam 12.30 P.M.
Raakaala Pooja 8.00 P.M
Thiruvaradhanam 8.30 P.M

Temple Opening Time

Morning :   05.00 AM To 01.30 P.M

Evening :   04.00 PM To 09.00 P.M

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