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Tn Temple Tourism provides you online room bookings all over the TamilNadu. Book Dewasthanam Rooms and Book Domestic Rooms.

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Tn Temple Tourism provides you online Charoit Bookings all over the TamilNadu Temple. Book Golden Charoit and Wooden Charoit.

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Tn Temple Tourism provides you online Food Donation all over the TamilNadu Temples. E - Food Donation will be done only to annadhanam temples.

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Tn Temple Tourism provides you online Pooja Booking all over the TamilNadu Temples. E - Pooja Booking will be done all over temples in TamilNadu.

Arulmigu Shivan Temples

Lord Shiva, the destroyer, has innumerable temples dedicated to him throughout the length and breadth of India. The most temples are most likely in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where there are 2,500 Shiva temples of importance. There are several kinds of temples in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Shiva is known by many names and one of them is Asutosh. That means he ‘can be pleased easily’ and made happy quickly. So people found it easier to pray to Shiva and obtain a number of boons. Shiva means ‘auspicious one’. So he gave many boons for the betterment of his devotees, but yet it was left to them to use the boons in the way they wanted. Shiva is associated with languages and grammar as well. India’s Two Ancient Languages Sanskrit and Tamil originated from Lord Shiva. Sanskrit language follows the grammar written by Panini. Panini says that the letters and its sounds came from the beats of Shiva’s kettle drum ‘Damarukam’. The language formula is called Maheswara Sutrani. Tamil sage Agastya is also said to have learnt Tamil from Shiva and his son Murugan / Kartikeya. 17th century Tamil poet Paranjothy Muni sang that Shiva taught Sanskrit and Tamil to both. He said that from one side of the kettle drum came Sanskrit and from the other came Tamil. Shiva not only gave language and grammar but also helped the world by giving all the good things when the milky ocean was churned by the Devas and Demons. When 14 good things came out of the ocean, poison also came out as a by product. All were scared to death. But Shiva swallowed it to save the mankind, stopped by his wife Uma half way through his throat. His neck became bluish in colour and he was known as Neela kanta (blue necked).This is also one of his acts of mercy.

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