Adhi vinayagar Temple or Nara Mukha Pillaiyar, Chidambaram

Adhi vinayagar Temple or Nara Mukha Pillaiyar or Human Faced Ganesh

Adhi Vinayagar Temple is in Muktheeswarar temple at Thilatharpanapuri which is near by Koothanoor in the Mayavaram Tiruvarur road. It is also known as Sethalapathy. The Vinayagar with human face is known as Adhi Vinayagar. Adi Vinayagar is also called Nara Mukha Vinayakar. This is the unique temple with the God Ganesh with out elephant head. This is the ancient form of Vinayagar. In this temple devotees are doing Thila Tharpana ritual which is the Hindu ritual of Pithur Karmas.

Pooja Timing

Pooja Timings
Usakkalam 06.00 A.M
Kalalasandhi 08.00 A.m
Ucchikalam 01.00 A.m
Sayaraksa 06:00 P.m
Fifth Kalam 06:00 P.M
Ardhajamam 07:00 P.M


Theerthavari Festival

Vinayaga Chadurthi Car Festival

Temple Opening Time

Morning :   05.30 AM To 01.00 P.M

Evening :   04.00 PM To 07.00 P.M

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