Arulmigu Swetha Vinayakar Temple, Thiruvalanchuzhi

Thiruvalanchuzhi Sri Swetha Vinayakar is near Swamimalai and Kumbakonam. The Lord of this village is karpathesar Goddess of the Lord is Periyanayaki in olden age long ago Cauveri divided deep went into depth viz pathalam and no where seen with in the surface. This was seen by Eranda sage and shocked upon the naturai phonons he decided to bring back the sacred caurvery to surface even by giving. his life and as conceived he has given this life for this purpose. Cauveri river all in a suddedn came out to surface and has its run towards right side with freshness Because of this naturai disaster and the historical even of Branda Sage. The village named as Valansuzhi. The Lord vinayakar is in white colour and in tiny roobam is for Dharshan. The Lord white Vinayakar is in the Sea foam form There is no performance of Abishegam for this Lord. Only green champhor is applied to this deity Vinayagar. Devendra (Indira) came down to earth with Swetha Vinayaka seeking relief from the curse caused by his wrong behaviour towards Agalya. He came to this place finally after worshipping various Shiva temples. Lord Swetha Vinayaka, till then with Indira, wished to stay in this place for ever and prayed to Lord Shiva for the purpose. Lord Shiva came before Indira as a little boy. Indira asked the boy to keep his Vinayaka till he came back after worshipping Lord Shiva.

Pooja Timing

Pooja Timings
Usakkalam 06.00 A.M
Kalalasandhi 08.00 A.m
Ucchikalam 01.00 A.m
Sayaraksa 06:00 P.m
Fifth Kalam 06:00 P.M
Ardhajamam 07:00 P.M


Theerthavari Festival

Vinayaga Chadurthi Car Festival

Temple Opening Time

Morning :   05.30 AM To 01.00 P.M

Evening :   04.00 PM To 07.00 P.M

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